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Purchasing Used Microbrewery Equipment: The Financial Benefits and Where to Find It

Used Microbrewery Equipment

What are the advantages and disadvantages of purchasing used micro brewery, craft, or nanobrewery equipment? There are many reasons a new or existing brewery might consider the purchase of used equipment. Many are starved for cash in the startup phase, some are looking to save money on their capital investment, and others just want to enjoy the simplicity of buying everything they need all at once. Either way, used microbrewery equipment is not as hard to find as some think.

To assist with putting things into focus, consider these key points:

The Economics

The economic benefit of purchasing used equipment is that it can save a new brewery many thousands of dollars. This is especially important during microbrewery startup. The savings can be applied to advertisement, marketing, or recipe formulation to name a few.

Now, what are the risks associated with purchasing used equipment?

When purchasing used microbrewery equipment a buyer needs to consider the condition, delivery costs, and expense of cleaning dirty or contaminated equipment. These risks can be mitigated by checking for corrosion on welded portions of the metal tanks and ensuring that moving parts like valves function properly. To cut down on shipping costs, look for vendors that include shipping in the cost of the equipment or if purchasing directly from a brewery, try to find a local one to reduce the shipping expense. Remember that all equipment will have to be cleaned prior to brewing to prevent contamination of the beer. Although there are a handful of risks, the economic benefits are often far outweigh them. The same points also apply to craft, nano, and home breweries.

Where to Buy Used Microbrewery Equipment for Sale

When an existing microbrewery plant upgrades equipment to increase capacity, changes its base of operations, or closes shop, the equipment is often sold. This allows brewing equipment like stainless steel tanks, beer tapping tanks, and beer bottling machines to be sold at dramatic discounts. If you’re lucky enough to purchase directly from the breweries, you can get the best deals. Other options include going to third party microbrewery suppliers, like NABS, who specialize in all types of microbrewery and craft brewery equipment sales. Some even help with brewery design, layout, and recipe formulation. If you still can’t find what you’re looking for or are really bargain hunting, you can comb through the pages of eBay or Craigslist to find some really great deals on used micro brewery equipment; often from reputable sellers. Regardless of which avenue you pursue, you can realize great savings in finding used microbrewery equipment for sale.

Just imagine how a microbrewery can invest all the saved equipment dollars actually brewing the recipes they were built to brew. Purchasing used equipment saves cash and really isn’t that hard to find once you know where to look.

3 Responses to Purchasing Used Microbrewery Equipment: The Financial Benefits and Where to Find It

  1. John Rubbo

    I am in NY and have been looking for half bbl and 1/6 kegs to purchase or lease. Any information would be greatly appreciated.


  2. Marianus

    Looking at brewery equipment to see how much it will cost me 2 start my own micro brewery!

  3. Semajtec

    I am looking for a complete, used microbrewery to buy.

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